Inventure Studios

Digital Mixing Studio

North Hollywood, California

About the project

Located in North Hollywood, CA, Inventure Studios has earned a reputation for providing high-end post-production services for the entertainment industry. Their portfolio of work spans film, television, video, and web, with clients such as Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and Paramount. Recent projects include work on Ready Player One, Black Panther, Joker, and Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

Westlake Pro’s approach to the studio build was centered around a customized system that focuses on creative workflow opportunities, efficiency, and expandability. Inventure has the flexibility of recalling Dante routing via saved presets to quickly switch between different routing pathways instantly. In the evolving world of post-production workflows, efficiency is key – and the combination of gear installed by the Design Team creates a simple yet powerful ecosystem.

Inventure’s systems were upgraded to Avid HDX and the team rewired one of their ADR studios. Westlake Pro and Kaiser Commercial Construction worked together to knock out the wall in between the existing studios and the building next door, expanding the studio to provide more office space, a lounge area, and a 24’ x 18’ x 12’ Atmos mixing room. 

Karl Yanchar Design and Consulting Group designed and installed the custom acoustic isolation and treatment, lighting, and HVAC ducts in the newly constructed studio space. Then, an Avid S6 Control Surface and 23 JBL monitors with four subs were installed. To top it off, Westlake also ran all the audio visual low voltage routing to supply power to the security cameras, telephones, and internet access.

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