Acoustic Design

Westlake Pro's Acoustic Design Studios

Westlake Pro’s award-winning acoustic designs can be found in recording and post-production studios around the world. We balance state-of-the-art acoustic treatment with a creative aesthetic specifically tailored to the tastes of the client. The result is a studio facility that is as stunning sonically as it is visually inspiring. 

Of course, there’s no single studio solution that will fit the needs of every client and workflow. This is why we approach every studio build with careful consideration for the individual needs of that room and create an acoustic treatment plan accordingly. Westlake Pro develops studios around the globe – from private recording studios in Tahiti to industry-leading Dolby Atmos rooms in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring creative space for music or a sleek and modern post-production facility, Westlake Pro promises to provide a product that looks as good as it sounds.

When working with Westlake Pro, you’re guaranteed exceptional acoustics and impressive aesthetics, tailor-made just for you.

Of course, we feel that the work speaks for itself, so explore the gallery below to see what we can offer you, and contact us at to schedule a free consultation.

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