Wiring & Integration

Westlake Pro's Wiring & Integration in Studio Design

Our integrations are custom-designed to complement and enhance your creative workflow. We specialize in clean, reliable wiring—each cable in your studio will be hand-soldered by our team and tested before, during, and after installation.

Case Study

Music Recording and Production

Snoop Dogg’s Beach City Music

We designed, built, and integrated two rooms at The Compound with vintage and modern equipment, Augspurger mains, and Focal SM9 midfield monitors. The main control room features a Neve Genysis Black 64-channel console that connects to the other rooms and outboard gear via Dante.

When all the studios were wired, we tested every wire in the studio. I think one wire might have been off out of thousands and thousands of wires. That’s a testament to the work they do. I’ve never seen that quality of work. These guys guarantee the work they do.

Case Study

University of Colorado

Colorado Springs

Case Study

Atmos Mixing Room and S6 Installation

Hollywood, CA

We integrated this Atmos mixing room in Hollywood with a Brainstorm DXD-16, IHSE Draco Tera Compact KVM system, ATC SCM50ASL Pro monitors in stereo, JBL 708P monitors in Atmos, a Crown DCi 2/600N powering a JBL S2S-EX sub; two Avid MTRX base units loaded with Dante, MADI, AES, SDI and Digilink option cards; two Dolby Atmos HT RMUs (1 Mac / Dante, 1 Dell / MADI), iMac Pro / HDX3 and a laptop docking station with an HD Native Thunderbolt.

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