Black Star Studios

Recording Studio

Studio City, California

About the project

Our work at Black Star Studios includes the design, build, and integration of a pair of studios in close collaboration with our longtime partners at Malvicino Design Group. The control room of each studio features a Slate Raven CORE Station, which houses the touch-sensitive Raven MTi2.

The top floor of the two-story complex is home to songwriter Poo Bear’s personal studio, which is based around an SSL 9000J and a pair of ATC SCM200s. A pair of JBL SUB18 cinema subwoofers provide an enormous low-end foundation to the already impressive sound of the ATC Mains. Studio A is connected to an intimate iso booth, which is perfect for laying down vocals or amping guitars.

Studio B features a larger live room for drum recording along with a prime selection of analog outboard gear ready to be patched in at any moment.

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