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With over three decades of experience in designing, integrating, and constructing the largest recording, post-production, and content creation studios in the world, the Westlake Pro Design Services Group is the premier studio designer in the US. From enterprise post-production facilities like Sony’s historic Cary Grant Theater to immersive mixing and recording studios like Henszey Sound and Immersive Mixing to music studios like Ray Parker Jr’s Studio and Snoop Dogg’s Beach City Music, the Westlake Pro Design Services Group works at the heart of every facet of the entertainment industry.

When you choose the Westlake Pro Design Services Group, you ensure your future venture will be started on the right foot from the beginning.

With the Westlake Pro Design Services Group, you get studio builders that take every detail into account and provide a clear and comprehensive design that will best suit your needs. We focus on each project as a complete system, with our designs ensuring that the interconnected hardware works seamlessly for modern hybridized workflows. The Design Services Group emphasize fiscal responsibility throughout the process to best align with project goals and maximize client budgets to achieve their vision.

Every design comes with the following materials in a final packet that provides clients with a clear understanding of how their studio design will be achieved.

Rack Elevations

Using DCIM software, our rack elevation designs provide a true-to-life diagram of the precise placements of every piece of outboard gear. Don’t accept Excel spreadsheet rack elevations – nothing says outdated studio design like receiving a spreadsheet of where gear will be placed. Our rack elevations are true to form, with each component visually represented in high definition.

Patch Bay Design

Carpe Diem Music

Every patch bay design by the Design Services Group is built on a title block, ensuring no necessary details are missed. This results in an explicit and comprehensive patch bay layout designed to make the signal flow of your studio easy to understand. We take the guesswork out of understanding the multitude of options when it comes to patch bay signal flow.  Knowing the proper Grounding and Normalling schemes specific to your gear and signal flow in your facility is something we specialize in and do best. 

Studio Wiring Schematic

After receiving your BOM (Bill of Materials), which is a complete list of gear that you plan on incorporating into your workflow, we get to work on designing you a thorough and highly detailed wiring schematic. Within our specialized software, we’re able to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the signal flow between every piece of equipment that will be in your newly designed studio space. This especially becomes useful when troubleshooting arises – having a detailed layout of every piece of hardware and every cable in your studio makes organization in troubleshooting a breeze. 

Our schematics go beyond simple line diagrams – they consist of detailed connection points of the equipment itself, along with individual wire IDs for every wire run made in your studio. We color code every type of connection within our schematics to help you identify the functionality and purpose of the wire runs. Going beyond just analog and digital connections, we take it a step further by providing comprehensive networking and power detail pages to show the full extent of your facility.

DARDT Measurement & Placement

If you are transitioning from a traditional stereo setup to a Dolby Atmos immersive system or are building a future-proof immersive facility, trust the Design Services Group, who have been building Dolby-certified Atmos mixing studios all over the world. Using specialized software, we create a 3D model of your studio and speakers to find the exact measurements to create a Dolby-certified environment, may it be for Music, HE (Home Entertainment), or Theatrical Atmos Dub Stage.

Anyone can place speakers in a room, but only the Design Services Group will provide you with detailed shop drawings of precise measurements and angles on speaker and mounting locations. We work with each of our clients to overcome any acoustic challenges in their space. Because of our relationship with Dolby as a Certified Dolby Reseller and Service Partner, we submit our designs of your room directly to Dolby for approval.

When you choose the Westlake Pro Design Services Group, you choose unparalleled design expertise and attention to detail.
If you’re tired of searching for trustworthy designers and integrators and want to be confident in your investment,
contact us today for anything from a single patchbay design to a world-class facility that will exceed every expectation.

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