Citizen Music

Atmos Mix Room

Santa Monica, California

A Musical Powerhouse

Citizen Music is an award-winning music house based out of New York and Los Angeles. Dedicated to providing exceptional sound to advertising and film, Citizen’s composers and sound designers pride themselves on their unique craftsmanship and ability to get the best out of any visual content. 

Citizen offers original music across a wide range of genres for television, advertising, and film scoring. From Motown to hip-hop to epic orchestral pieces, Citizen’s catalog spans numerous genres, offering a track to fit almost any mood or scene. Their soundtracks have appeared in commercials from some of the biggest names in advertising, including Adidas, Under Armour, Coca-Cola, and Calvin Klein.

In addition to original music, Citizen offers a wide range of services, including sound design, audio post, music supervision, and sonic branding.

Upgrading to Dolby Atmos

In recent times, many major film and and television studios have started to require immersive soundtracks and scores from composers. When Citizen rose to the occasion and decided to upgrade their studio to work with immersive audio, they called Westlake Pro’s Design Services Group to install and integrate a Dolby Atmos mix room in their studio in Los Angeles, marking a milestone in their journey of audio-visual storytelling. 

Citizen’s new Atmos mix room boasts an Avid S4 housed in an Argosy Eclipse desk and a Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 system of Genelec speakers. A machine rack was populated with hardware including a Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, Pro Tools | Sync X, and an Avalon V5 Mic Preamp. Additionally, the rack holds a Mac Studio M1 Ultra configured with Dolby Atmos Renderer and a Pro Tools HDX Core Card.

This new setup offers complete control and creative freedom for immersive music production and mixing, enabling Citizen’s composers and sound designers to craft even more intricate soundscapes that resonate with visual narratives.

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